2018 Festival Poster

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10:30 AM – 11:30 AM CHILDREN’S HOUR

Stories and music from Joan McCammon, children’s entertainer, and Ed Lewis, Early Childhood professor.

12:00 – 12:30 COMMUNITY GROUP

Local children’s groups tackle speaking before an audience.



Marianna deCroes, an author and a teacher at the International School of Storytelling in London, will talk about helping children deal with bullying, lack of confidence and fear through telling stories. Tips on selecting story genres for specific ages and methods of learning a story by heart easily.

2:45 – 4:45  OPEN TELLING

Anyone in the audience can  put their name in the hat to be drawn. Stories are five minutes and told without notes or props. Subjects must be family friendly.

5:00 – 6:00 LIAR’S CONTEST

Who is the biggest liar in Auburn? This is where tall tale tellers have a chance to lay it on thick. The biggest whopper gets a trophy.


Six regional tellers take the stage to entertain for 20 minutes each with stories for grown-ups. Much anticipated is Izzi Tooninsky an award winning international teller. Invited back is Tom Wade and Linda Kennedy. Mariana deCroes will tell about her experiences living in England, India, Portugal, and Spain. Kristine Waters a teller and performer from Southern California and Chery Anderson an Auburn teller will be telling grown-up stories.


To keep our day-long program free to the public we are asking for donations from service clubs and organizations in the area. Checks should be mailed to Arts Council of Placer County, 5440 Park Drive #102A, Rocklin, CA 95765.  The Arts Council will return a receipt.

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Schedule set for January 27, 2018

The Auburn Winter Storytelling Festival on January 27, 2018 is a free community event bringing together storytellers from all over the region. The all-day event is at General Gomez Art and Event Center, 808 Lincoln Way, Auburn, California.

A children’s hour with stories and music for families starts off the day at 10 am.

After a lunch break a free workshop taught by an experienced teller will share tips and techniques to improve or even just began your own storytelling journey.

Open Telling starts at 2:45. Rules are the story must be no more than five minutes, must be family friendly, and told with no notes or props. Sign-up forms are available at the welcome desk.

Who is the biggest liar in the neighborhood? The Liar’s Contest starts at 5 o’clock and gives tall tale tellers a chance to lay it on thick. Again, rules are a five-minute limit, family friendly and told with no notes or props. Tellers are asked to sign-up.No lawyers or politicians need apply.

At 6:30 pm six regional storytellers perform stories for a grown-up audience. Here is where you’ll hear about the lovely heifer taken to be serviced by a big ugly Brahma bull, or the holiday pie lost off the top of Dad’s car, or flapjacks that saved a family’s fortune in gold dust or…what will this year’s stories be?

This is the third Auburn Storytelling Festival presented by the Foothill Storytelling Guild, an eclectic group of foothill people interested in keeping the art of telling stories aloud alive. The entire day is FREE to the public. For more info@foothillstorytellingguild.com


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AWSF Takes Over Auburn

Storytelling is coming to Auburn on Saturday, January 28, 2017. Luckily the ancient art of storytelling lives on in the digital age. Defined as “the oral interpretation of a narrative” stories entertain, but also inform, relay history, and often make us laugh.

A local group of storytellers, the Foothill Storytelling Guild, present a full day of tellers starting at 10 in the morning when the children’s program gets underway. Linda Kennedy and Joan McCammon are back this year with songs, fun stories and interactive participation projects. After parents and kids can take photos with the story props.

After lunch Joan Stockbridge, the 2016 recipient of the National Storytelling Pacific Region Oracle Award, will conduct a free 90-minute storytelling workshop. Aimed at beginning storytellers, as well as experienced tellers she will give tips on how to harvest, craft and present oral stories to an audience.

For anyone who has been told they are a natural storyteller the Open Telling is your time. For two hours, anyone can stand up and tell a favorite 5-minute story to the most receptive audience in town. Sign-up ahead is required and stories must be told orally without notes.

Who is the biggest liar in Auburn? The Liar’s Contest from 5 to 6 will be a judged competition. Sign-up earlier and be prepared with the most outlandish tall tale you have.

The Featured Teller’s Showcase starts at 6:30 with six of the best tellers in Northern California. These experienced tellers include Tom Wade (returning from last year), Mark Berry, Gloria Jones, Lucinda DeLorimier, Ed Lewis and Marianna deCroes.













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Planning under way for 2017 Festival

We are looking forward to the Auburn Winter Storytelling Fest repeating this year at 808 Lincoln Way in Auburn on Saturday, January 28th all day. We will need lots of volunteer support on the day. Also, we need any and all donations in order to keep it free to the public. If you know of any business or person who would like to donate money or product or gift certificates, please let me know: Mark Berry markberry869@gmail.com
 What we have decided so far for Jan 28, 2017: 
DARLENE ENGEBRETSEN will chair the raffle. She will receive all non-cash donations and organize the “baskets”.
Barbara Wauters will be our Bookkeeper/Treasurer. She will accept all donations other than raffle items (cash and check). Donations are tax deductible. Checks can be made out to PlacerArts with storytelling on the memo line. Mail donations to PlacerArts 910 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603.
9 am – set up room and plan volunteer schedule for the day
10 am – Chairman Mark opens event, covers housekeeping items, schedule, etc.
10:15 – 12:30 Children and Family program with great storytellers, interactive stories and a wonderful photo op with your child and story characters. Parents bring your phone/camera! Chaired by Linda Kennedy with supporters Joan McCammon and Alan Candee..
1- 2:30 pm Story workshop with Joan Stockbridge. Our guild’s most experienced, award winning teller will help us learn how to harvest, craft and present stories. Really, yes, it’s free!
2:45 – 4:45 pm Open Telling. This is YOUR time. You will have up to 5 min. to tell your favorite story to the MOST receptive audience in the world! Sign up when you arrive Emcee Mike Tomson.
5 – 6 pm Liar’s Contest. We are repeating a favorite from last year. Sign up when you arrive and tell your “tallest” tale. You may win the prize especially chosen for the champion liar! Emcee Don Adams.
6:30 – 9 pm Featured Teller’s Showcase. 6 of the best tellers in Northern California will charm and delight you, including Tom Wade (invited back after last year) Mark Berry, and 4 other popular storytellers. Emcee Chery Anderson.
Green Room. This year we will have plenty of food and drink all day for our tellers, emcees and volunteers as well as a “green room” in which to relax. Linda Kennedy heads this team.
Raffle. If you know anyone who would like to donate to our cause and help keep this FREE to the public, we accept tax deductible cash and check donations. Merchandise and certificates will be raffled to our guests. Your favorite store, barber, massage therapist, or restaurant may love the opportunity to donate and welcome new customers.

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FSG member Joan Stockbridge honored

   joanstockbridge 2016   Auburn Storyteller Joan Stockbridge has been honored by the National Storytelling Network. She will receive the Oracle Award for regional service and leadership from the National Storytelling Network this summer at the national convention in St. Louis.

 Stockbridge a member of Auburn’s Foothill Storytelling Guild and featured speaker at the January 30, 2016 Auburn Winter Storytelling Festival.  She will present a workshop titled “How To Tell Stories That Connect and Inspire” during the January 28, 2017, festival in Auburn.

The National Storytelling Network writes that the winner of an Oracle Award in 2016 is for service and leadership in the Pacific Region. Joan’s repertoire includes traditional, historic, and original stories for adults and children. She has performed twice for The Apple Seed, broadcast on Sirius Radio. A former business communications trainer and college English instructor, Joan designs workshops and performances to meet specific educational, community, corporate, or civic objectives.

She presented workshops at the 2003 National Storytelling Conference and the Healing Story Alliance Conference. She presented a sold-out performance at the Stories At Work program at the 2004 National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro. With the support of an NSN grant, she and a colleague developed a transformative storytelling curriculum for homeless women, which she has been using in a transitional program since 2006.

She is author of 3 collections of Japanese, Mexican, and African folktales for a reading series. She leads weekly healing story groups for court-mandated women in recovery. Joan is also a trained spiritual director and Soul Collage(R) facilitator and frequently leads workshops, retreats, and healing story groups. Check out her website and blog at www.joanstockbridge.com.

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Auburn Winter Storytelling Fest Photos

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Storytelling Comes to Auburn – January 30

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Here comes the stories…

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Tell Me a Story

Someone said that “Once upon a time lasts forever.” Humans have been telling stories since the beginning of language. Stories performed with hand gestures, face expressions and voice modulations can enchant as well as entertain.
Evolution has given humans a brain that thinks in narratives all day long. Scientists have proven our brains become more active when listening to a good story. Each listener turns the story into “their” story by visualizing the words with their own ideas and existing experiences.
The community will have a chance to share in the joy of listening to stories, tales, yarns, fairy tales and even downright lies on January 30, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The event will be at the General Gomez Art and Event Center, 808 Lincoln Way, Auburn, California.
Auburn Winter Storytelling Fest is a project of the Foothill Storytelling Guild with the goal to engage the community through stories. The day long free event will feature tellers presenting a children’s program in the morning, a workshop, an open telling and a Liar’s Contest in the afternoon and an evening program featuring professional tellers.
For more information email info@FoothillStorytellingGuild.com

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