Chery Anderson

The presentation of a story can take many forms. There are those who write down the story in their mind- they are known as authors. There are those people who think their story in verse and they are known as poets. And some tell their stories orally.


The story is an ancient art form. We can visualize those long gone cavemen telling the story of the day’s hunt. It would involve words, actions and gestures, maybe even a two-way interaction with the listeners. But mostly it is the presentation of a narrative.


Chery Anderson is an oral storyteller. A newcomer to storytelling Chery has told tales at the Sierra Storytelling Festival during open telling. She joined Foothill Storytelling Guild members to tell at the Auburn Art Walk. And she was a participant at Soroptimist Comedy Night. Her stories tend to focus on personal experiences and historical genre.


She is the producer and emcee of Open Mic for the Spoken Word for the telling of stories, reciting of poetry and reading of author’s words. The free show is held on the fourth Saturday of each month except December from 1:00 to 3:00 at the Auburn Library, 350 Nevada Street, Auburn, CA 95603.


Chery Anderson is a 33 year resident of Auburn where she and her husband, David, had a fireplace business for many years. Many of her tales are inspired by the couple’s five grandchildren.