Audience Favorite Tom Wade


“I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried,” says Tom Wade, whose mostly-true stories are drawn from personal experiences. “I find listeners always doubt the most accurate parts of my stories. They rarely question the parts I dress up a bit.” Wade’s stories often come from his life on his San Juan Ridge homestead, from a Michigan childhood growing up with nine siblings, and from time spent in Africa with the Peace Corps. His first experience with telling on a stage came at the Open Telling of the Sierra Storytelling Festival. He was ten minutes over the time limit, but the audience was so enthralled they would not let the timekeeper kick him off the stage until the story was done. After that, he learned to stay within the limits, winning the Sierra Storytelling Festival Story Slam a total of  five times. In 2017, he became the emcee for that Story Slam, and is frequently a guest teller on the main stage. See Tom Wade on stage at the AWSF at 6:30 p.m.