International Storyteller Marianna deCroes

“I have seen the power of stories transform the lives of children,” says Marianna deCroes. As a teacher at Waldorf Schools she told and worked with stories daily with her students. After retirement, she attended the International School of Storytelling in England and went on to teach storytelling courses in Spain, Portugal, and India. She found that stories had multiple purposes that include mirroring the problems and frustrations of children. When a story has a hero or heroine overcoming the same challenge the child may find a new way of tackling their relationship with the world. Marianna deCroes enjoys telling fables, nature stories, folk tales, and myths to entertain all ages. Ms. deCroes will be teaching a 90-minute workshop at 1:00 pm based on her book The Right Story at the Right Time.

Contact her at Attend the AWSF workshop and see her onstage at 6:30.