Taleteller to Perform Favorite Story

“I sometimes think of my grandmother sitting ‘out front’ of her farmhouse in the evening telling stories. Oh, how I wish I could remember the words she said.” Chery Anderson may not remember the words but the experience of listening to grown-ups talk about their day runs in her blood. Anderson has been telling her own stories for about five years at Sierra Storytelling Story Slam, Auburn Art Walk, Soroptimist Comedy night and with the Foothill Storytelling Guild events. A two-year runner up in the AWSF Liar’s Contest she says, “I guess I’m not so good at lying.” She is the creator and emcee for Open Mic for the Spoken Word, a free monthly event for stories and poetry at Auburn Library on the fourth Saturday of every month. Contact her at info@foothillstorytellersguild.com See her at the AWSF on stage at 6:30 p.m.